Thoracic Surgery
Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic or chest surgery relates to the treatment or surgery of all organs in the chest, except heart. This includes all surgeries of lungs i.e tuberculosis, cancers, all surgeries of rib cage i.e birth defects and deformed ribs, surgeries of the airways i.e narrowing of Trachea after ventilator support, surgeries for diseases of food pipes and stomach i.e cancers of esophagus and stomach. This also includes surgeries for cancers of throat and thyroid.


Thyroid Cancer Surgery
VATS Diagnostic Workup
VATS Esophagectomy for Cancer & Corrosive Strictures
VATS Thymectomy for Myasthenis Gravis
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Tracheal Surgery for Tracheal Stenosis
VATS Decortication
Chest Wall Deformities
Lung & Esophageal Cancer Surgery
Empyema Thoracis Uniportal VATS
Cervical Ribs Surgery
Chest Wall Tumors
Surgery for Diaphragmatic Hernia and GERD

Thoracic Surgery Team
Dr. Brig Rtd Asif Asghar
General Surgeon