Physiotherapy (PT) could be a tending profession, that encompasses varied treatment modalities like massages, heat medical care, exercises, electrotherapy, patient education, Associate in Nursingd recommendation for treating an injury, ailment, or deformity.

Types of therapy Sub-Specialties

Physiotherapy has evolved within the kind of varied sub-specialties, that alter noble metal to affect varied conditions in an exceedingly more practical and applicable approach. Below is the list of assorted sub-specialties and their uses:

Neurological therapy

neurologic conditions result in extreme muscle weakness, loss of balance and coordination, symptoms, tremors, loss of operation, and cut sensation. neurologic therapy aims at establishing a quality and treating useful disorders that originate from a nervous and contractor system like stroke, neural structure injuries, traumatic brain injuries, MS, sciatica, aneurysm, and Parkinson’s malady.

Orthopedic/ contractor therapy

This sub-specialty deals with repairing the deformities and treating the ailments associated with the human system, that embrace correcting the muscles, ligaments, bones, joints, and tendons. the most aim is to alleviate pain, increase mobilization, and rectify skeletal injury.

Cardiopulmonary therapy – This sub-specialty treats patients that suffer from viscus disorders like pathology and chronic clogging pulmonic malady. Physiotherapists run internal organ rehabilitation centers and educate the patients concerning sure styles of exercises and resistance coaching techniques that may facilitate them improve their overall quality of life.

Pediatric therapy

paediatric physiotherapists facilitate in rising acute injuries, defects that square measure gift at the time of birth, delayed physical growth, or sure genetic defects like brain disorder (a condition that restricts the movement and coordination). Physiotherapists use varied therapeutic exercises in youngsters, which might aid in strengthening the affected components; thereby raising the precise and overall movement of these parts.

Geriatric therapy – This sub-specialty deals with sure age-related medical conditions like inflammatory disease (pain within the joints), pathology (fragile and brittle bones). Geriatric physiotherapists guide seniors concerning proscribing sure movements which might irritate pain, offer their patient’s gait aides to enhance the overall quality, and attenuate pain by using varied techniques and exercises.

Types of Treatment Modalities utilized in therapy

Manual medical care – Manual medical care could be a technique employed by physiotherapists to control and mobilize affected joints by massaging them with the employment of their hands.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) medical care – it’s a way whereby a tiny low battery-driven device is employed to send inferior current through the electrodes placed on the skin surface. A TENS device briefly relieves the pain of the affected space.

Magnetic medical care – Electromagnets of various varieties and sizes square measure obtainable and might be self-applied beneath the steerage of a trained skilled. this will facilitate in limiting the pain.

Dry needling and treatment – Fine needles square measure inserted into specific body points, that cut back pain for a brief span of your time.


this system promotes the body’s natural healing method. A tape is employed, that lifts the skin removed from the animal tissue, therefore increasing the area and permitting the body fluid to maneuver a lot of effectively.

Joint mobilization

this kind of manual medical care technique is employed whereby a therapist mobilizes the joints at completely different speeds, depths, and amplitudes to revive the traditional joint movement.

Stretches and exercises

Physiotherapists teach varied exercises and body stretching techniques, that facilitate restoring joint movements.


a good vary of strengthening, preventative, and corrective exercises square measure wont to alleviate malady conditions.

Strengthening programs

Physiotherapists conduct specialized programs and educate their patients concerning personal responsibility for health and physical learning. Such programs facilitate patients in rising their overall strength, balance, coordination, and adaptability.


hydropathy utilizes water to treat inflammatory disease. specialized exercises square measure performed within the water with a temperature vary of 33-36 degrees Centigrade beneath the steerage of a therapist. It involves varied stretching, aerobics, and strengthening exercises.

Hot and cold applications – The application of ice, cold packs, gas spray, and techniques like cryotherapy will relieve the patients from acute conditions. In cases of chronic conditions, physiotherapists use hot packs, infrared heat, diathermy, and inaudible waves.

Diathermy – this system uses electrically elicited heat or high-frequency magnetism currents to cure varied conditions.

Ultrasound and phonophoresis – Therapeutic ultrasound uses the frequency vary of zero.5 – 3 Mhz. this system helps in lowering the inflammation by causing deep heat to a localized space to cure muscle spasms, promote healing at the cellular level, increase metabolism, and improve blood flow to the broken tissue. Phonophoresis could be a technique that utilizes inaudible waves for effective absorption of the medicine that square measure locally applied. this system is effective in relieving pain because it permits peak absorption of medication like medicament and analgesics.

Range of Motion (ROM) exercises – vary of motion exercises is employed to enhance joint quality and reduce muscle stiffness. varied kinds of fixed storage exercises embrace Passive vary of Motion (PROM) exercises, Active helpful vary of Motion (AAROM) exercises, and active vary of Motion (AROM) exercises.

Soft tissue mobilization – Soft tissue mobilization or therapeutic massage helps in reposeful tight muscles, relieving pain, and reducing swelling.